Is there an indexing head installed on a vertical machining center?

 Vertical machining centers normally have three axes to move. If you want to have another axis, you need to add an indexing head, which also needs to be operated with the CNC system.

The installation of the CNC indexing head is equivalent to the fourth axis of the vertical machining center, and the surface of some complicated workpieces can be processed.

The CNC indexing head is a good helper for processing complex parts. The vertical machining center only moves in the vertical or parallel directions of the X, Y, and A axes. If there are some angled processing, this needs the indexing head to complete.

The numerical control indexing head is driven by a servo motor and locked by air pressure. It is programmed and controlled by the numerical control system on the machine tool to complete the angle indexing on the circumference. The installation of the numerical control indexing head can be said to process 360° arbitrary surface processing, the same is true Can cooperate with X, Y, Z axis movement to complete complex curve processing.

The editor summarized some usefulness of CNC indexing head, let's take a look!

  • (1) Use various indexing methods (simple indexing, double indexing, differential indexing) for various indexing work;
  • (2) Install the workpiece at the required angle for cutting processing;
  • (3) The indexing head controller controls the work of the NC indexing head;
  • (4) The CNC indexing head can also work with the indexing head controller;
  • (5) When milling spiral grooves, connect the indexing head hanging wheel shaft and the milling machine longitudinal table screw with "exchange gears". When the table moves, the workpiece on the indexing head is processed according to the program.

The above is a vertical machining center for processing workpieces with complex surfaces, and the special-shaped surface processing technology is realized through the CNC indexing head. Many customers now require the addition of an indexing head to achieve four-axis linkage, but whether to add an indexing head or not depends on the future processing workpiece.