Machine tool capable of milling plane drilling center hole and outer circle of set car

 There is such a machine tool that can realize the process of turning the plane and drilling the center hole on both ends of the workpiece at the same time, and can also complete the outer circle process of the car.

Many people don’t understand this kind of machine tools. Let’s follow ZHAO editor today to get to know the bottom milling end face centering machine tool!

End milling and centering machine tool is suitable for: shaft parts processing, automobile and motorcycle industry parts processing, reducer transmission, motor energy, engine, rail transit axles, steel rolling rods and other industries for flat-head centering hole processing.

In mechanical processing, the process steps of turning the thin and long shaft forging blanks are generally: milling the plane first, milling the burrs at both ends of the workpiece, and then finding the center hole of the part for drilling. It is necessary to use a lathe to clamp the work piece to carry out the flat turning process on one end, use the center hole of the tailstock of the lathe to hold the center hole, remove the work piece and rotate it 180°, clamp again and repeat the operation. The above is the flat turning step.

The process of drilling the center hole at the two ends of the workpiece should be done. The drilling at both ends should be consistent. Find the benchmark, clamp, drill, and repeat the clamping. If the processed workpiece is small, short in length, and light, it is easy to operate; if the processed workpiece is heavy and long in length, it is not easy to rotate and clamp, and the operation is time-consuming, laborious and inefficient. If there is another process for the outer circle of the car, it will have to be clamped twice. By the way, there is still time to change the tool for the ordinary lathe.

As shown in the figure, this end milling and centering machine tool can solve this problem, improve processing efficiency, and complete the plane turning, center hole drilling, and outer circle machining processes in one clamping. No matter in processing time or processing technology operation, it is more convenient than traditional processing methods.