Machining skills using CNC vertical machining center

To use a CNC vertical machining center to process a workpiece, you must first master the programming operation of the CNC system.

The basic knowledge of the CNC system programming is the meaning of the symbols on the CNC system panel. After the operation of the CNC machine tool is mastered, the skills of the workpiece are processed.

Understand the material, rigidity, roughness and other aspects of the workpiece to be processed to determine the characteristics of the workpiece, and select the tool according to the material. The editor for the selection of the tool has been mentioned before. You can review it.

Then look at the processing drawings. The processing characteristics on the drawings must be displayed using the processing center operation.

The following are some processing skills summarized by the editor. You can learn from it. If you have a good processing method, you can privately write to the editor. Let's study together and make progress together!

According to the accuracy requirements of the product, consider the rough turning first and then the fine turning during programming. This can ensure the accuracy very well. At the same time, drill holes first and then flatten, which can prevent shrinkage. Considering that the surface of the small tolerance workpiece is easily scratched or deformed, consider the large tolerance first and then the small tolerance. In this way, the programming logic is determined according to the above-mentioned workpiece processing sequence.

Determine the speed, feed and depth of cut according to the material. For carbon steel materials, 1Gr11 sets high speed, high feed and large depth of cut.

Targeted solutions were made from the perspectives of programming technology, tool technology, and clamping technology.