Note on the index plate

 Need to know when using solenoid valve:

Loosen and lock use -2D2 solenoid valve CV 02 integrated program check valve

Rotate back to position Use -3C4 solenoid valve PCV 02W product program anti-reverse valve

Program writing:

When the program is being written, when the hydraulic unit is turned on, it will be locked for 5 seconds, and the return state will be executed in turn. Return and lock

(This situation prevents rotation, the return cylinder will release pressure after stopping for a period of time (of course there are many reasons), so there will be no misalignment of the starting oil pressure index)

When is MANUAL, the program of the index plate should be written as follows:

  • 1. Loosen and lock. It is a 2-position solenoid valve (and it uses mechanical retention, so no need to write)
  • 2. Rotate, return to write the single-step completion action (that is, click the button to complete the single-step completion)
  • 3. Rotate and return to the position written as jog action (this action prevents e.g. three-piece clutch teeth from misalignment under abnormal conditions) to facilitate adjustment. (Do not target opertor vs. engineer)
  • 4. When writing continuous action, there is a certain delay action to prevent it from not reaching the position. Release--rotate---lock--return (end)