Removal and installation of vertical machining center spindle

 When the machine tool spindle is damaged and needs to be replaced, the vertical machining center should first remove the original spindle, then assemble the new spindle, complete the dynamic balance, and reinstall it on the machine tool before the machine can be used. 

However, after assembling, a dynamic balance experiment should be done before it can be used. If the dynamic balance is not good, the noise is quite loud and the bearings and other parts are easily damaged. It should be noted here that the parts of the new spindle can use the good parts of the original spindle, such as intact bearings.

The first step of the vertical machining center is to disassemble and damage the spindle. First remove the top cylinder, and then unscrew the spring clamp. Pay attention to the top wire for fastening inside the clamp. Loosen the top wire and then loosen the thread. Then remove the nine pairs of stacked springs and the retaining ring.

 If you want to remove the spindle core, you must first remove the pulley and the pulley is pressed by the back nut. First unscrew the compression screw on the back nut, and then remove the back nut, so that the pulley can be Unloaded. Then take down the spindle core-the entire part including the cylinder and the inner and outer cover.

 At least two people are required for this. One person removes the bearing end cover screws, one person pays attention to protection, and holds the bottom of the spindle cylinder with his hands. When the bearing end cover is removed, the spindle core can fall off. At this time, two people At the same time, hold the spindle core underneath. If the core cannot be taken off, you can use a steel rod to gently tap it down, and then remove the spindle core.