The main components of horizontal CNC lathes

 CNC lathes are also divided into horizontal and vertical types. The main difference lies in the placement of the spindle. Vertical CNC lathes generally process rotary discs, bases, automobile drums, brake drums, flywheel shells, clutch shells, pressure plates, and rims. , The workpiece with a differential shell; while the spindle of the horizontal CNC lathe is in a horizontal state, and the workpiece can be turned, milled, planed, ground, drilled, bored and other processing procedures.

But what are the components of a CNC lathe? And what is the impact of the CNC lathe components on the machining accuracy. Today we will talk about the main components of CNC lathes

1. The main body of the bed

1. Spindle and headstock

The rotation accuracy of the CNC lathe spindle has an impact on the accuracy of the processed parts, and its power, rotation speed, etc. also have an impact on the processing efficiency. If the spindle box of a CNC lathe is a CNC lathe with automatic speed regulation function, the transmission structure of the spindle box is simplified.

2. Guide rail

The guide rail of the CNC lathe provides a guarantee for the feed movement. To a large extent, it will affect the rigidity, accuracy and smoothness of the lathe at low speed feed, which is also one of the important factors affecting the quality of parts processing. Except that some CNC lathes use traditional sliding guide rails, the CNC lathes produced by stereotypes have adopted plastic guide rails.

3. Mechanical transmission mechanism

In addition to the gear transmission and other mechanisms in the headstock, the CNC lathe has been simplified on the basis of the original ordinary lathe transmission chain. The gear box, feed box, slide box and most of the transmission mechanisms are eliminated, and the spiral transmission mechanism for longitudinal and horizontal feeding is retained.

2. Numerical control device

In the numerical control machine tool, the numerical control device is the core of the machine tool. It mainly receives the numerical control processing program sent from the input device from the internal memory, and is compiled by the circuit or software of the numerical control device, and after calculation and processing, it outputs control information and instructions, and controls All parts of the machine tool work, allowing it to move in an orderly manner.

3.Servo system

The servo system includes two aspects: one is the servo unit, and the other is the drive device.

The servo unit is the link between the CNC and the lathe. It can amplify the weak signal in the CNC device to form the signal of the high-power drive device. The servo unit has a difference between pulse type and analog type according to the received command.

The main body of the bed, the numerical control device and the servo system are the main components of the numerical control lathe. Of course, there are other structures in addition to this. There are many parts involved in a piece of equipment, so we can first Have a simple understanding of CNC lathes so that you can compare equipment processing methods and features.