The milling machine explains the precautions for the operation of the milling machine

 The use of milling machine equipment is the same as that of other machine tools. Operate according to the regulations and use the milling machine correctly. In fact, the operation of the milling machine is the same as that of ordinary machines.

 Pay attention to it in normal times, and future work will be much easier Today, everyone will follow the editor of Emute to look at the operation precautions of the cnc milling machine, as well as the usual maintenance of the milling machine. 

The maintenance of the machine is generally a part that we ignore, but we do not know that the maintenance of the machine can extend the machine. Service life, work more smoothly, machine tools like oil, and machines are raised by oil.

Matters needing attention in milling machine operation:

  • 1. It is strictly forbidden to use the machine tool beyond the specification and overload. 
  • 2. During the processing, no one can leave the job without authorization. Without the consent of the competent technical personnel, the process parameters cannot be changed.
  • 3. No items are allowed to be stored in the protective door or electrical cabinet.
  • 4. Without the permission of the competent department of equipment, you cannot add or remove machine tool parts or disassemble key parts of machine tools.
  • 5. If the machine tool is abnormal or malfunctions, it must be shut down in time to eliminate it by yourself or notify the maintenance worker for overhaul. 
  • 6. If an equipment accident occurs, immediately press the red emergency stop button and cut off the power supply to protect the scene and report it level by level.
  • 7. Do a good job in safe and civilized production and abide by relevant regulations.

The above seven items are the matters that should be paid attention to when using the milling machine. When operating, we can read the milling machine operation manual first, and then operate the machine after understanding. The milling machine is a numerical control device, and the operation of the numerical control system panel should be familiar.

Let's talk about the maintenance of the milling machine. Maintenance is to add oil to the machine and check the oil circuit of the machine.

  • 1. Fill the hydraulic oil tank, lubricating oil tank, and coolant tank to the oil level when you go to work, and lubricate according to the "machine tool lubrication icon". Clean the headstock, tool rest, guide rail surface, and tailstock before leaving work. Iron filings and dirt, apply oil to each sliding surface.
  • 2. Scrub the inner and outer surfaces of the machine tool on weekends; clean the hydraulic oil filter, check the oil quality, and check whether the coolant is sufficient and whether it has deteriorated.

Proper use of milling machines, milling machines and equipment use a long time, bring more benefits, and reduce maintenance costs. Emote provides you with mechanical manufacturing solutions.