Transmission form of n95 knurled axis CNC lathe

Machining n95 knurled shafts requires precision. The general machining accuracy requirements of ordinary lathes cannot be met. The machining accuracy requirements of ordinary lathes appear on the benchmark.The manual chuck is used to clamp the workpiece, which means that the workpiece is clamped After that, manual clamping is required. If the initial reference is not found correctly, the accuracy requirements of the subsequent process will be affected. For CNC lathes, the use of hydraulic chucks can realize automatic clamping and tightening without manual tightening. Afterwards, the operation of the CNC lathe can be completed, meeting the accuracy requirements and saving time and labor costs.

Numerical control lathes have been widely used in various fields, and can realize multiple processes such as milling, boring, drilling, reaming, and tapping of parts in one installation. For novice manufacturers who are new to CNC lathes, understanding the basic operation mode of CNC lathes can also be used for reference and comparison when purchasing and selecting. For the transmission form of CNC lathes, there are roughly main transmission systems; feed transmission systems and The structure of the transmission system. The transmission system should be based on the workpiece to be processed by the CNC lathe to determine the processing form and transmission mode.

The use of CNC lathes can avoid problems due to insufficient structural rigidity, poor shock resistance, and large frictional resistance on the sliding surface. And it is very helpful for improving turning efficiency and reducing cost.

Transmission form of N95 knurled axis CNC lathe:

1. The main drive system

Main drive mode

Main transmission speed change form

Spindle support

Automatic tightening device

Spindle speed detection device

2. Feed drive system

Ball screw nut


Automatic tightening device

3. other structures

There are also transmission forms designed according to the power and structure of the CNC lathe.

Using a CNC lathe to process the knurled shaft, the machining process can be completed in one clamping. For special-shaped workpieces, when choosing machinery and equipment, you can consult AMT technicians, and we will provide you with a series of mechanical processing solutions.