Understand the layout of the center hole on the milling face and recognize the milling machine

 The end face centering hole machine tool is also called the milling machine. It is a special combined machine tool for drilling and milling the workpiece. There are many people who don’t know about the end face centering hole cnc machine china tool. 

They are not clear about the structure and layout of the machine. Follow the editor to see it. Let’s take a look at the structural layout of the end-milling and centering machine tool!

The milling and centering machine tool is mainly composed of two power boxes, two cross slides, a bed, two sets of positioning and clamping devices, lifting and closing devices, hydraulic systems, electrical control systems, tools, protection and lubrication, etc. . The two power boxes are respectively installed on the work surface of the two cross sliding tables, and they are symmetrically distributed. There are two spindles in the two power boxes. One spindle is used to install the milling cutter, and the other is used for milling the end face of the axle. The main spindle is used to install the chamfering tool and the center drill to repair the center hole.

The position of the power box can be adjusted through the longitudinal movement of the cross slide (parallel to the axis of the dry axle), which can be adapted to the processing of various workpieces of different lengths. The two ends of the axle are milled through the transverse (perpendicular to the axis of the axle) movement of the cross slide. The bed is an integral bed, and the base plane of the bed is consistent, which ensures the parallel and vertical movement of the two cross slides. The cross slide table reduces the height of the machine tool and improves the stability during the cutting process.

In the process of machining shaft workpieces, the milling end face and centering machine tool moves quickly and in both directions, and the props rotate. Now the shaft end face is milled to produce the exit surface, and then the center hole is processed on the exit surface. This is the principle of the centering machine tool for end milling. The end milling machine is fixed on both ends of the mechanical sliding table by two milling power heads, and the two bending plates are fixed.

The fixed three-jaw self-centering chuck, the two bent plates are connected by an adjustable coupling, the workpiece is clamped by the anti-jaw of the three-jaw self-centering chuck, and moves left and right on the mechanical sliding table together with the bent plate . The keyway milling cutter and center drill for milling the end face and retreating face are completed by quick-change chucks.