Vertical machining center operating system

 There are many factors for choosing CNC systems for vertical machining centers. In teaching, five-axis Huazhong or Guangshu is used.

When machining requirements are not high and budgets are limited, domestic CNC systems or Taiwanese systems can be selected.

The high efficiency of the vertical machining center is not only due to a sophisticated operating system, but also a very important auxiliary function component: the tool magazine. The tool magazine is the container for the machining center to store tools. The tool change time of the tool magazine is relative to a machine tool. The efficiency plays an important role. Tool magazines commonly used in machining centers include hat-type tool magazines and disc-type tool magazines. Disc-type tool magazines are also called robotic tool magazines or arm-type tool magazines.

The CNC system is equivalent to the brain of the vertical machining center, and all the actions and programs of the machining center are completed by it. The mainstream systems currently on the market are: foreign system brands, Mitsubishi Japan, Fanuc (Fanuc), Germany Siemens, it should be noted that these systems are bundled with three-axis servo motors, that is, if your system is Mitsubishi , Just buy Mitsubishi servo drives and motors.