What are the advantages of CNC machining centers compared with traditional machine tools?

 Compared with traditional machine tools in processing, CNC machining centers have great technical advantages and are the product of modern technological development.

At present, CNC machining centers and CNC lathes continue to use traditional machining techniques in many aspects of machining processes, integrating traditional machining techniques with the characteristics of CNC machine tools.

When we use a CNC machining china center, we can generally clearly feel its advantages, and in many cases we will not encounter some problems. I wonder if you are interested in knowing some differences between CNC machining centers and traditional machine tools?

The difference between the high-speed computer gong machining center and the traditional machine tool is that the CNC machining center is not much different from the traditional machine tool from the outside. However, the internal structure and technology of the machine tool are quite different. It is not just that the use of a high-speed spindle is a simple matter of high-speed milling.

In fact, not only the spindle, the optimization of the technology and design of each part of the servo controller system, and the strategic update of the basic mechanical system design are all indispensable parts of the creation of high-speed milling. The main obstacle for CNC machining centers is operation control technology rather than spindle technology. CNC manufacturers have not made much progress in this regard in the past few years. Fortunately, the rapid and powerful computer functions have made up for this deficiency.

Users must be vigilant, because these manufacturers only provide the speed of program processing. In fact, the speed of program processing is not important. The time for the machine tool to complete the program is the actual issue we care about. One thing we have to understand is that the actual machine running time determines how fast and good you can process.