What are the components of a CNC horizontal lathe

 CNC horizontal lathes are generally composed of input and output equipment, CNC devices (or CNC units), servo units, drive devices (or actuators), programmable controllers PLC and electrical control devices, auxiliary devices, machine tools, and measurement feedback devices composition.

1. Machine tool body 

The machine tool body of a CNC horizontal lathe is similar to a traditional machine tool. It consists of a spindle drive device, a feed drive device, a bed, a worktable, and auxiliary motion devices, a hydraulic pneumatic system, a lubrication system, and a cooling device. However, CNC machine tools have undergone great changes in the overall layout, appearance, transmission system, tool system structure, and operating mechanism. The purpose of this change is to meet the requirements of CNC machine tools and give full play to the characteristics of CNC machine tools.

2. CNC unit 

The CNC unit is the core of the CNC horizontal lathe. The CNC unit is composed of three parts: information input, processing and output.

3. input/output equipment

External equipment that transmits processing information to the computer

Output refers to the output of internal working parameters. Generally, these parameters need to be output for record keeping when the machine is working. After working for a period of time, compare and contrast the output with the original data to help judge whether the machine is working normally.

4.the servo unit

The function of the servo unit is to convert the pulse signal from the numerical control device into the movement of the moving parts of the machine tool. For stepper motors, each pulse signal makes the motor rotate through an angle. Each execution component of the feed motion has a corresponding servo drive system, and the performance of the entire machine tool mainly depends on the servo system.

5. driving device

The amplified command signal is turned into mechanical motion, and the machine tool is driven by simple mechanical connection parts, so that the worktable can be accurately positioned or moved relative to the track. There are also programmable controllers and measurement feedback devices together to form a CNC horizontal lathe.