What exactly does the full-end face centering hole machine do?

 According to the literal meaning, the straight-end face centering hole machine tool can be understood as a machine tool that mills the two ends of the workpiece flat and punches the center hole.

This type of machine tool is a combined machine tool designed for shaft parts. Its function is a comprehensive machine tool of milling machine, lathe and drilling machine. The full-end face centering machine tool combines three machine tool processing techniques to realize CNC operation.

When machining center holes for long shafts, large shafts, and stepped shafts, the center frame of the center frame of the lathe is generally used to punch the center hole, because there is only a single machining tool. Therefore, the workpiece needs to be clamped twice during the machining process, and the workpiece needs to be turned around to complete the machining of the center holes at both ends of the shaft. If the workpiece to be processed is a large long shaft, large shaft, stepped shaft, etc., it is inconvenient to turn around and the processing efficiency is low.

The emergence of the flush-end face center hole machine tool can solve the above problems.

The full-end face centering machine tool adopts a high-rigidity rectangular sliding table, and the guide rail surface is treated with plastic, with low friction coefficient and no crawling phenomenon.

It adopts large-diameter double-nut precision ball screw drive; the machine tool table is mainly used for machine tool processing working plane, with holes and T-slots on it, used to fix the workpiece and clean up the iron filings generated during processing.

The cast iron workbench and the CNC machine tool workbench are manufactured in accordance with the T7974-99 standard, and are made of ribbed and box type. The working surface adopts the scraping process. The working surface can process V-shaped, T-shaped, U-shaped grooves and round holes, and long hole.