7 advantages of EDM

 EDM is a commonly used processing method, especially in the field of mold injection molding. It is simply irreplaceable and its role is also very important. We all know that each product has corresponding advantages. 

It is these advantages that make each tool stand firm, and the electric spark is also, because of its unique advantages, it is widely used. Today I will introduce you to electric sparks. The 7 advantages.

  • 1. The processing process is hardly affected by heat, so the thermal shock layer can be reduced, and the workpiece with high processing quality can be processed.
  • 2. The hardness of the tools used in EDM processing is not harder than the material, so it is easier to manufacture.
  • 3. Everyone in contact with the spark machine or in the processing industry knows that the EDM machine is processing without contact, and the tool electrode and the workpiece are not in contact during the processing; compared with other processing methods, it will not produce Artifact. Mutilated.
  • 4. Any two-dimensional surface with a straight line as the generatrix can be processed without manufacturing complex tool electrodes.
  • 5. The processing of all surplus materials will not be processed into waste, thereby improving the utilization rate of energy and materials.
  • 6. It can cut narrow slits of about 0.05 mm. The wire EDM efficiency is generally 20-60 mm 2/min, and the maximum is 300 mm 2/min. The machining accuracy is generally (+0.01-0.02 mm), and the maximum is ( +0.004 mm). The surface roughness is generally R2.5-1.25 microns, the maximum is Ralpha 0.63 microns, and the cutting thickness is average. 40-60 mm, up to 600 mm thick.
  • 7. EDM machining can realize the vertical angle of the workpiece, which is impossible, because milling must have an r angle.