EDM is prone to carbon deposits during machining

 When using EDM to process materials, carbon deposits are likely to occur, and will seriously affect the processing effect of EDM machining, especially when processing mold parts, it is easy to cause the parts to be directly scrapped and cannot be used. 

Therefore, as an operator, you must learn how to solve this phenomenon and how to prevent it. Although the quality of the equipment produced by our company is relatively good, this situation will inevitably occur after a long time, so pay attention to it when using it.

Causes of carbon deposits during processing: It may be abnormal discharge, and the main reason for abnormal discharge is improper selection of electrical rules.

During the EDM process, due to the small discharge gap, it is not easy to discharge the slag, resulting in carbon deposits during the EDM process. Therefore, when adjusting the electrical parameters, the stability of the discharge state should be taken as the standard. Under unstable discharge conditions, you should shorten the discharge time, increase the knife height, reduce the pulse width, increase the pulse gap, and reduce the servo pressure. In the rough machining process, it should be noted that the peak current in the machining area should not be too large. In addition, flushing oil also has a great impact. Under the improper oil washing method, the electric etching cannot be discharged smoothly under the washing pressure, and the discharge state is very unstable, resulting in arc discharge.